Review or Move On?

When you first enrolled at Campbell Christian Academy you were thrilled. You knew that your child was going to get personalized attention. He was going to be taught the basics of reading, writing, grammar and math, and he was going to master every lesson before moving on.You knew the difference, and now you have experienced the results. You have a child who is very advanced, who loves learning, and can't wait to learn more.

Each week parents come in and tell us how happy they are about the great results that we are getting at Campbell Christian Academy. But then a well meaning friend or neighbor comes along and sows doubts, doubts such as, "At Campbell Christian Academy they just review and review. At my child's school they move on!" Or doubts such as, "It's not enough. They need so much more to be able to get into college."

It's easy to lose focus of what's important and why you love Campbell Christian Academy. Mastery of every subject requires review. You go forward and back and review, forward and back and review. It's like the water at the beach. It goes way out and then it comes back in. It goes way out and then it washes up even farther on the shore.

There's not a subject in the world that doesn't require review, and if anyone tells you otherwise they've been fooled by the number one fallacy of schools today: the more is better theory.

In the coming weeks I am going to be talking about this topic and other topics that seem to surface about this time every year. So be watching for our video blogs.

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Learning About God's World

CCA Pre-K and Kindergartners not only learn reading and math but they also learn about the oceans, the continents, and God's creations.