About Us

How are we different than other schools?

Many parents don’t realize that there are options to full-time kindergarten and early elementary grades. Some would have you believe that socialization is a crucial part of a child’s early academic career. The truth is this: Math and Reading are the Keys to Success. The most successful people in the business world today agree that mastering these two subjects at an early age is critical to achieving academic success. At Campbell Christian Academy, we give children as young as 3 years old the opportunity to build a strong academic foundation which will carry them through their academic years. Our classes are short and focused in order to accommodate a young child’s short attention span. When we teach, children learn.

We teach reading by Pure Phonics™, the proven method written by CCA founder June Campbell and used to teach over 10,000 children to read in the last 26 years. We teach math the old-fashioned way that works, emphasizing the importance and necessity of memorization of the basic math facts.

“Reading and Math: Do those two things, and the sky’s the limit.”

- Bill Gates, Dallas Morning News


I attribute Campbell Christian Academy for building a solid foundation so my son can succeed academically no matter where he goes.

- Christine Fimbres

CCA Mom of International Soccer Player